Location of Hotelik Gołdap

Gołdap is located in the northeastern part of the Warmia-Masuria Province in the Land of Humpbacked Masuria. The town was founded in the second half of the 16th century at the junction of three borders: Teutonic, Lithuanian and Polish. The historical tri-junction exists to this day near the village of Bolcie, about 40 km northeast of Gołdap in the direction of Wiżajny.
In Gołdap there is a border crossing with Russian Federation (Kaliningrad Oblast) Gołdap-Gusev.

In 2000, the town of Goldap was granted the status of a health resort. This is due to its unusual climatic values, crystal clear air, mud deposits and deposits of therapeutic and mineral waters. In May 2014, the construction of the building of the Pump Room of mineral and therapeutic waters – the Spa and the Spa Park with the fourth Brine Graduation Towers in Poland – was completed.

The moraine landscape rich in valleys, lakes, rivers and forests is conducive to both active recreation and lazing in nature. Gołdap and its surroundings are an ideal place for sport and recreation in various forms and at any time of the year: walking, running, cycling, swimming and winter madness on skis and skates. In winter there are ski lifts on Piękna Góra with the longest slope in this part of Poland – 750 m – and a toboggan run – 1200 m.

One of the greatest advantages of Hotelik Gołdap is its location in the town centre, which favours the use of various services and a pleasant way of spending time. In the close vicinity of the hotel there are numerous service facilities (flower, beauty and hairdressing salons), a swimming pool, restaurants, a confectioner’s, shops, ATMs, an exchange office, etc.

Places worth visiting

  • Lake Gołdap, Gołdapa River
  • Gołdap lagoon
  • The historic Water Tower with an observation deck from 1905
  • Brine graduation towers and Spa Park
  • Piękna Góra mountain with a revolving café, chair lift, toboggan run and ski slopes
  • Rudziewicz Family Eco-Farm – safari
  • Railroad Bridges in Stańczyki, Botkuny and Kiepojcie
  • Pyramid Tomb in Rapa
  • The Tripoint near the village of Bolcie
  • Ecological village – The Running Wolf Morsztyn
  • Romincka Forest – Wilhelm’s Boulders, cycling and walking paths
  • Mieczyslaw Ratasiewicz Regional Museum of Gołdap
  • House of Culture – moving exhibitions, vernissages, concerts, cinema
  • Kumiecie Forest with bunkers and V2 rocket launchers from the World War II period
  • Mini zoo “Village Farm” in Rożyńsk Mały

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